Glamping S’Mores

17 May

I used to camp a lot when I was younger. My family would take our 4 Runner out into no man’s land and pitch a tent. It would be strikingly hot during the day and freezing cold at night, there was no running water and sometimes there was a vault toilet, if I was lucky. I loved it though, and I learned a lot about nature, hiking and general woodsiness. We would hike during the day, cook over the fire and tell scary ghost stories at night. The campground we used was a nature sanctuary too, so there was no shortage of wild animal sighting.

Recently, feeling nostalgic, I went on a camping trip with my fiance and a mutual friend. We brought sleeping bags because who needs cots, right? Apparently, I’ve become accustomed to sleeping on cushy mattresses and now, yea, I need a cot. My next camping trip will be a glamping trip. Have you heard of glamping? It’s camping for those of us who may have become accustomed to a certain lifestyle.

There are certain things about camping that one wants, though – like s’mores. These are glamping s’mores. They can be made in your kitchen and you can enjoy them on your deck as you pretend you’re a real outdoorsy type.

Glamping S’Mores

  • Jumbo Campfire Marshmallows – much larger than a regular marshmallow
  • Dipping Chocolate
  • Crushed Graham Crackers
  • Kitchen Torch
  • Paper Straws or Candy Sticks

Insert the paper straws or candy sticks securely in the bottom of the marshmallow. Adjust your kitchen torch to a medium setting and hold the marshmallow about an inch away from the flame. Slowly turn the marshmallow allowing it to brown evenly on all sides – be careful – just like camping, these burst into flames quickly. Set finished marshmallows aside and finish the rest of the bag.

Melt the dipping chocolate. You can use regular chocolate, but these marshmallows are delicate and dipping chocolate seems to work better. Once the chocolate is melted smoothly, dip the top half of the marshmallow in the chocolate and allow to dry slightly. I suggest drying by slipping the end of the stick into a slot in a colander. Before they set completely, dip the tops in the crushed graham cracker. Allow to set completely – or not, if you want the authentic campfire feel.

Enjoy your endeavors in glamping!


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